Money-Friendly Motoring: Budgeting For Your Motorhome Road Trip

Thanks to Wessex Vans for their guest blog this week.

Most people dream of what travelling the incredible wonders our world has to offer is like: Waking up in a new destination each day, having the freedom to explore, spending quality time with loved ones, and seeing things you never thought could be so beautiful.

Nonetheless, with more people opting to pack up and hit the road in a camper (as we think they should!), one of the most challenging aspects for anyone that hasn’t previously lived in their campervan is budgeting.

Your budget should be reasonable and be enough to cover all your needs – especially when you consider that road trips can be expensive. Overall, you need to have enough to cover campsite fees, petrol, food, insurance, and any activities you’d love to try on your travels.

With all these considerations, we understand that deciding on a budget can be a little challenging. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a few top tips.

Step 1 – Plan a route and decide on campsites

If you intend on visiting a few different locations, plan the route you’re hoping to take on your road trip in advance. You can either follow similar routes to other avid campers, or do some research and find your own way – it’s completely up to you!

When you’ve decided on the route you’re going to take, you then need to plot the campsites you’ll be staying at each night, or if you’re a fan of wild camping, plot the areas you plan on pitching up in. Find out the cost of camping per night, as well as any extra facilities you may wish to use that require payment. Doing this shows you exactly how much the campsites are going to cost for the duration of your trip.

Step 2 – Add in any activity stops

Whether you’ve already decided on the activities you’d love to do during your trip, or whether you’re going to see where the wind takes you, plotting activities and attractions that are along your chosen route can help you decide what to see and where to go.

After plotting them on your route, find out how much each attraction or activity costs. Similarly to when you had decided on campsites, doing this allows you to work out how much money is required to cover your chosen activities.

If you haven’t decided what to do yet, make sure you keep a chunk of your travelling budget that can be used for any attractions or activities that take your fancy.

Step 3 – Work out how many miles you’ll be travelling

Following the first two steps should help give you an idea of how many miles your road trip is going to cover. This means the next step is to determine the amount of fuel you’re likely to require based on the miles per gallon of your campervan. Work out how many times you’ll need to fill up your fuel tank, and how much a full tank of fuel costs. Try to round up the number of miles you’ll be travelling in case there are any traffic diversions: that way, you won’t go over budget if you need to buy an extra tank of fuel.

Step 4 – Plan your food

Food is a vital part of any road trip, and when not all campervans have fully equipped kitchens, planning what and where you’re going to eat is a must. If your RV does come with a kitchen, you might decide that home-cooked food is the way to go, and regularly stop of at food stores along the way. However, if you’re planning to eat out most days, try to find a few places on route that aren’t too expensive.

When you’ve found a few food places that aren’t going to break the bank, work out the average amount you’re likely to spend on each meal, each day. This will be the total amount you require for food and drink.

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My workamping summer begins!

Well, we made it to Tennessee in one piece.

Currently the temperature is 91oF, the humidity is so high you need a snorkel to be outside, and the bugs are sometimes so plentiful they get stuck in your teeth; but lucky for me, I am perched safely away from the elements in an air-conditioned campground store that is to be my working home for this summer.

Right, so let’s catch you up….

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The silence is broken!

Greetings to you all!

I am attempting right now, with some difficulty, to type this blog as I bump my way along the I75 in Georgia. Looking up from my keyboard I can see that we’ve just passed Perry which, if I remember the map correctly, puts us somewhere in the northern region of the state (more than likely I am wrong about this though).

We have just ticked over in to hour five on the road today, having started out this morning from The Villages down in Florida. There is very little to say about my surroundings right now, except that according to the last three billboards; the way and the truth belongs to Jesus Christ; seat belts save lives; and there is chicken ‘worth stopping for’ at the upcoming Gas and Go. The most picturesque views from today have actually come from the grass verges down in Florida where spring has truly sprung in the form of vivid lilac, violet, and fuchsia-coloured wildflowers.

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The Happiness Project – setting a positive mood for 2018

With it being a new year and all, the tradition of setting myself goals, targets, and new projects invariably raises its head. Come on, we have all at some point gotten on the resolutions bandwagon and then inevitably failed to stick with at least half of them by the time we hit February.

With that in mind, last year I began my Happiness Project, and I wanted to share that experience with you today.

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My blue collar job – Amazon CamperForce

The past few months have seen me take a break from writing and constant travel in order to don a new hat for a while, that of a small town blue collar American worker. It seems that almost a traditional part of the full time RV lifestyle involves some form of ‘workamping’ – putting in a day’s work in exchange for room and board and hopefully a wage of some sort, if you are lucky.

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There have been times this year, fleeting moments, when my homing instinct kicks in.

A particularly cold snap in the weather that makes you inhale sharply. A low granite grey overcast sky in the morning. Soft green grass that I can run my hands through. Watching Doc Martin on TV and hearing familiar tones and lilts in the characters voices. Eating custard cream biscuits.

I see or hear or smell or taste things that instantly transport me home, just for a second. And it makes smile and I am happy.

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The final leg

In the past year and a half of our full time travels, Loops and I have managed to visit 29 National Park Service locations. They have varied in type, from historical sites to recreation areas, scenic trails to monuments, lakeshores to parks; each unique in their offerings.

When we pull in for a two day stay at North Cascades National Park though, it somehow feels further removed even from the other National Parks we have visited.

We find ourselves situated at the base of rugged mountainous terrain. There is a glacial river flowing through the park, ice cold to the touch and almost biting enough to freeze you just by looking at. The land is forested by pine, perfectly suited here in the harsh and wintery landscape.

North Cascades National Park

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