The one with the video…but not

Today’s entry was supposed to include a very exciting video showing you mine and Loops’ first trip out in the RV. You were going to be treated to the sound of Belle’s engine being fired up (much akin to a rocket being launched into space), a quick peek at the internal bits of her engine (that we were heading off to have checked out) and a Button’s eye view of the road as we travelled into Tampa, including sparkling water scenes as we drove over the bridge across the bay.

Sadly, after having carefully spent the time not only videoing but editing too (including having learnt how to add music, blend changes of scene and speed up footage), Loops viewed it once and pointed out that we had a bit of a problem.
“What problem?” I asked.
He points to the screen and low and behold, in every shot where the dashboard comes into focus, there lies a piece of paper that usually resides on the RV door when we are parked, with a message to contact Loops in an emergency – and his phone number very clearly printed on it.

Damn it!

Now while I’m sure Loops likes you all very much, I’m not sure how happy he’d be to have any nutter with access to youtube to randomly be able to give him a bell.
So I start my editing over, with the smart idea to blur out the small offending detail causing so many problems. It should be easy enough, you see it all the time on crime shows where they pixilate people’s faces and make them sound as if they are Darth Vader. It should be doddle to cover over a small piece of paper.
Six hours later and I’ve finally finished my second editing session, apparently blurring out a small section of moving video in a 6 minute clip isn’t as easy as you may think. First, my free editing software doesn’t contain a blur function; it only allows you to cover areas with blocks of colour or text. Second, in order to do this, you have to painstakingly go frame by frame and alter the blocked out area each time the picture moves. And when I mean frame by frame, we are talking about milliseconds here.

Anyway, it’s finished. I can’t believe I’ve accomplished this mammoth task. I’m ecstatic. Elated. I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Ok, maybe not quite, but it was all very exhilarating for me. However, there is still one problem.
It’s shit.

Yes, my video has gone from being an interesting and entertaining documentary of our first time on the road, to a production filled with nothing but annoying and distracting blocks of colour bouncing around the screen.
Loops takes one look at it and his face says it all.
I resign myself to rather sadly knowing that all of my hard work has been for nothing, well, except the very important lesson that I have learned; pre-check EVERYTHING in the shot before pressing record.

Anyway folks, it means you’ll have to wait until next week for our on the road footage, when we take our overnight trip to The Villages (it’s like Disney for older people), to visit my grandparents.

So I’m just going to leave you with this clip instead, and will update you on general goings on tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “The one with the video…but not

  1. xtofersdad

    I’ve been wondering for some time what had happened to you both, so it’s good to have you back on line and thanks for the updates so far. However 30 seconds of rain lashed Floridian storage depot and its contents is fun to have during the day but as a loop (!) would make an interesting late night film where the suspense of what might happen would be intense. Maybe you could devise some sort of YouTube Screen Saver perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Great to have you back again!
      I’m glad you at least found the clip slightly entertaining, though your suggestion to have some type of continual screen saver goes way above and beyond any type of technological skills I will ever possess in my lifetime! 🙂
      However, there is actually a guard dog in the compound next door to the right, and it might be interesting to see what she gets up to at night…
      Hope you enjoy the blog – it will get far more interesting once we get properly on the road at the end of the month and might even contain some characters you’ll recognize from the trail!


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