UK vs. USA

N.B. It’s important to note that this is not a ‘bashing’ post, a complaining post or a whinging post. It is simply to discuss the differences I’ve observed and am experiencing and how this effects my settling in on ‘the other side of the pond’.

On our recent travels last week to see Bunny and Phil, I had a conversation which I have begun to realise is the epitome of my life right now in the USA.I will relate this conversation to you now (with slight artistic licence as I’m not a savant for week old conversations but you’ll get the idea).

Bunny: So how was the gun show you went to?

Button: Crazy. The guns were nuts enough but it seems the new big thing here is people buying torches with a Taser in the end. There was zapping going on all over the building which was very scary.

Bunny: *nods sagely* You’re right, that is crazy, I had no idea that was a thing now.

Phil: What do you mean a torch? What’s that?

Button: You know, a torch. *proceeds to wave her hands about in a torch like motion*A light you carry around and can turn on and off.

Phil: Oh, you mean a flashlight?

Bunny: Oh, that makes much more sense. I though you meant people had sticks with fire on one end and a Taser on the other. I was thinking, yeah, that’s crazy!

It has come to my attention that being a Brit in the USA, trying to live here, is going to involve a bit more work than I first thought.

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The shakedown camping trip

In a slightly unexpected turn of events last week, the day after my moaning blog about not going anywhere, Loops miraculously announced that Belle was ready to go on our final shakedown camping trip – 5 days out and about on the road to test how she would hold up full time. Cue *party dance*

Fuelled by my excitement I blithely offered to go to the supermarket to stock up on food, something I regretted after an hour and a half of wandering the aisles. However, the good news is my first grocery trip took over two hours, so I’m obviously getting better at the shopping…slightly annoying news, I’ve discovered I’m not quite sure where to store the potatoes in the RV. Continue reading “The shakedown camping trip”

The Countdown

Today I am feeling the frustration. There’s no two ways about it. I am ready to get moving, however, my grand plans for driving off into the sunset with our diesel engine chugging away still aren’t going anywhere.roots not feet

As I sit here typing, Loops is waiting patiently at the garage for Belle’s brakes to be re-fixed. That’s right; they are being fixed for a second time. Why, I hear you cry? Because apparently when we had the work done last week (at rather fricking great expense I might add), the mechanic apparently fitted the wrong parts on the bus. Continue reading “The Countdown”