How has homestay concept been boon for the tourism industry in Nepal?

It is a service of lodging, fooding, and others in their own house or in community based houses in the natural topography.It inherited cultural aspects in the form of rural tourism of village products reflecting that geographical features.In context of Nepal,homestay has become boon for village life to earn name and …

What are the impact of homestay tourism in Nepal?

Homestay program widens the horizon of the knowledge of the people in different sectors. Local organizations play great role in the running homestay. It shows that there is a great potentiality of rural tourism in Nepal. Homestay also helps to increase the employment opportunities and local people living standard.

How does homestay promote tourism?

A growing number of locals are operating homestay programs in Nepal, offering tourists a window into local culture in areas without hotels as well as boosting socialization and income generation in isolated villages. The rise in homestay programs is the result of a national government initiative to boost tourism.

Why is homestay important?

Homestays generate income for locals

The small cost you pay for the roof and food may significantly uplift the standards of living of the family. In many developing countries, homestays are run by women. So when you stay with them, you help them to become more financially independent.

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What is homestay tourism?


The term ‘homestay’ defines as “a period during which a visitor lives with a local family”. The idea of the homestay program is to accommodate tourists with a local family, thus enabling the tourist to learn about local lifestyle, culture, nature etc.

What role does homestay play in local area?

In homestays, visitors get an opportunity to stay with the local, ethnic groups. This provides them a good chance to understand the people living there for centuries. Many backpackers and researchers find homestays extremely useful as they can directly interact with the local people.

What are the characteristics of adventure tourism?

Characteristics and Features of Adventure Tourism

  • Physical activity, i.e. activities involving physical exertion or psychomotor skills.
  • Contact with nature, i.e. activities bringing contact with the natural world in general, or with specific wildlife.
  • Contact with different cultures, i.e. people, faith, lifestyles.

What is Nepal homestay?

The homestay meaning in Nepali is ‘Gharbas’, which means to live in a home. The concept of home-away-home implies to a homestay. … The authentic taste of local cuisine, the lifestyle and the true essence of living like locals in the diverse geographical locations is the best part of staying in the local homes.

When did homestay start in Nepal?

Introduced by the Nepal Government in 2011, homestay tourism was purposive in providing lodging to the one million tourists that were expected to arrive in the country that year.

What is homestay business?

The concept of homestays is quite simple. You rent out your unused property for short spans to guests travelling in your city. It is different than a hotel as you as a host share the house with your guest and do not have to provide round the clock room or restaurant service, as is the case with a hotel.

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What are the features of homestay?

Homestay is such type of accommodation sharing the same kitchen for the food with the service providing family. Living with family and being familiar with their culture are the most striking features of homestay.

Is homestay a commercial activity?

As homestay is not treated as commercial establishment in most states, no commercial luxury or service taxes are levied. The process of acquiring an electricity connection is the same as that of a home, so the taves vary from state to state.

Why is homestay a good business?

Homestays are fast becoming a popular business option for owners who have extra space in their properties to accommodate travellers. It is a profitable and low investment business idea for any smart entrepreneur.