Is it safe to travel to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria?

Generally—yes! This island destination is full of adventure, beauty, and fun. Locals tell us that as long as travelers are aware of a few safety precautions, they should be fine traveling to Puerto Rico.

Is Puerto Rico safe to travel after hurricane?

Puerto Rico is generally safe for travelers that take appropriate measures regarding the ongoing pandemic. Travelers should take note of the hurricane season when they’re planning their trip and take normal precautions to avoid pickpocketing and robbery, the most common crimes affecting visitors in Puerto Rico.

How is Puerto Rico now after Hurricane Maria?

Puerto Rico’s progress still stalled four years after Maria. “If a hurricane today, category one, hits the island…the power grid will not survive,” said Rep. Nydia Velázquez, D-N. Y., at a press conference remembering the roughly 3,000 people who died following the devastation.

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Is it OK to travel to Puerto Rico right now?

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Puerto Rico is categorized Level 3 due to the current COVID-19 cases on the Island. Travelers should follow local requirements outlined on this webpage, and be aware that travel may increase the chances of getting and spreading COVID-19.

Are there any travel warnings for Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico doesn’t actually have a travel advisory—at least not from the U.S. State Department.

Is Puerto Rico safe 2021?

Like Mexico and some other Caribbean islands, there’s a high level of gun crime, drug trafficking and gang activity, and the homicide rate is relatively high. … With all that said, Puerto Rico is still one of the safest Caribbean islands, with a lower crime rate than many mainland U.S. cities.

Has Puerto Rico recovered from Maria?

Three years after Hurricane Maria, thousands of Puerto Rico’s residents are still recovering from the storm, even as the peak of the 2020 hurricane season begins.

How long did it take for Puerto Rico to recover from Hurricane Maria?

Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage to Puerto Rico’s lifeline infrastructure systems and housing. Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the commonwealth’s electricity grid. It took more than 200 days to restore power to all Puerto Rico residents.

Is San Juan recovered from hurricane?

After each hardship that has hit Puerto Rico in the past few years, the local community has rebuilt a culture more vibrant than ever before. In the hurricane’s wake, two narratives about the island have taken root. …

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Which part of Puerto Rico was hit the hardest?

The south of the island was hardest hit, with dozens of homes in towns including Yauco, Guanica and Guayanilla collapsing.

Is traveling to Puerto Rico considered international?

Puerto Rico is a territorial possession of the United States and travel is considered a domestic flight . The travel rules are no different than flying anywhere in the US.

Is Puerto Rico safe for Americans to visit?

Yes, Puerto Rico is a safe place to visit, however there is a risk of natural disasters – such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The island has largely recovered from the impact of Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico in September 2017.

Is travel from US to Puerto Rico considered international?

Puerto Rico, as a U.S. territory, is governed by the United States Federal Government. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is considered domestic travel from the United States, as long as you don’t touch down in a foreign place or port before arriving in Puerto Rico.

Can I drive to Puerto Rico?

Visitors from the United States can use their driver’s license to drive in Puerto Rico since the island is a territory of the United States. International visitors will need an International Driving Permit along with their country’s license.

Can I fly to Puerto Rico without a passport?

United States citizens and permanent residents don’t need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. … Travelers from other countries visiting Puerto Rico have the same visa and passport requirements that would apply if visiting the mainland United States.

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Can you drink water in Puerto Rico?

The water in Puerto Rico is safe to drink—but read this first. Sure, Puerto Rico’s beaches are known for their crystal clear and breathtakingly blue water. … If you’re in the countryside and you’ve got a soft stomach, drink bottled water instead of tap. Note: We had no problem drinking the tap water in San Juan.