Is Solo Kasol safe female Traveller?

Kasol is completely safe for everyone, whether it’s male, female, or solo traveler.

Is Kasol good for solo trip?

Kasol is an ideal destination for backpackers, trekkers and nature enthusiasts due to its scenic valley, untouched mountains and great climate throughout the year. It is an important base for trekking towards Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati Pass and Khir Ganga.

How can I travel solo to Kasol?

Kasol By Road:

Kasol is easily accessible by roads. Take an HRTC or HRTDC bus from Delhi going to Manali and get down at Bhuntar (60 Km before Manali). Take a local bus to Kasol from there or you can get a personal cab. If you are coming from Chandigarh, you can board a direct bus to Kasol or Manikaran.

Is Himachal safe for solo female travellers?

Commonly Asked Questions From Travelers

So, it is a safe place for solo female travelers. There is always plenty of young crowds visiting Kasol. So, if you are planning a solo trip to Manali, you can rest assured.

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Is Kasol safe right now?

But it is best to avoid Kasol during these months if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, avoid the monsoon season from July to September as the roads are slippery and dangerous. It would not be wise to risk it. The best time to visit Kasol is during summer that is the months from March to June.

How much does a solo trip to Kasol cost?

The minimum cost for traveling to Kasol by train in sleeper class is Rs 1200 – Rs 1300 ((500)+(200-300)+(500)). The minimum cost for traveling to Kasol by private car in a group of 4-5 people is Rs 1200 – Rs 1500 as fuel charges.

What is Full Moon Party in Kasol?

Full Moon Party @ Parvati Valley

From booze to unique/crazy games like Drink till you die, Dance till you collapse and Skipping fire ropes, this is THE ideal trance party to attend if you’re in the mood to get high and party hard!

What is the best month to visit Kasol?

What is the best time to visit Kasol? Ideally the best time to visit any place is considered when the weather conditions are delightful. For Kasol, you can choose to go in March, April, May and June which is the peak season and July, August and September which is the moderate season.

Is Manali safe for girls trip?

Yes it is fully safe for solo woman traveler. If you find that there is something suspicious you can tell any local guy and he will help you out. You don’t need to worry of safety & security in Manali. People are kind and helpful.

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Is Himachal safe for womens?

To all the women out there, there are so many places which are safe for you all! Himachal Pradesh is one such state. A matriarchal society and happy worry free people, this state is one, where you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Travel in local buses, interact with locals, meet new people.

Is Himachal Pradesh safe for solo Travellers?

Yes, planning a solo trip to Himachal is absolutely safe. There are a lot of places in Himachal like Mandi, Chamba, McLeod Ganj, Malana, Chail, and more which are ideal for solo travellers.

Is Kasol safe for couples?

dont worry, kasol is quite safe for couples and singles both. lots of cheap/ good accommodation available.

Which is better Manali or Kasol?

If not, in a nutshell, Manali offers numerous adventure activities for guests. Interaction with the locals here is quite little as most activities are touristy. But if you’re going with your family, Manali is the perfect destination for that. On the other hand, Kasol offers offbeat places for travellers.

What clothes to wear in Kasol in March?

Warm Clothes to carry for Kasol Trip

  • Light woolen Jacket/Sweater.
  • A good winter jacket. A decent winter jacket which is kind of waterproof resistant and works in snow is necessary on your trips to Kasol. …
  • Thermal Wear. So thermal for the whole body are absolutely necessary in winters. …
  • Woolen socks. …
  • Woolen Cap and Gloves.