Why is the balloon attracted to the comb?

When the comb is rubbed against the cloth or balloon, it becomes negatively charged. The salt and pepper are both positively charged, which means they will form a natural attraction to the static from the comb. When the comb is slowly placed above the mixture, the pepper particles fly up and attract.

Why do balloons attract to hair?

When two objects – such as your hair and the balloon – rub together, one loses some of its electrons to the other. This makes one object positively charged and the other object negatively charged. The opposites then are attracted to each other. The balloon is charged by rubbing it on your hair.

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Why was the cereal attracted to the comb or balloon at first?

Once the comb attracted the electrons, it gained a negative charge. The cereal initially has a neutral charge; therefore, it is attracted to the comb because of its different charge distribution.

Why does a comb repel a balloon?

Attraction of opposite charges holds the balloon in place. … When the comb is brought close to paper an opposite charge is induced in the paper, and the opposite charges attract. The charges move from one insulator to another on vigorous contact (i.e. by rubbing) to produce the two oppositely charged objects.

Does plastic comb attract balloon?

Rub the inflated balloon on your hair or comb your hair using the plastic comb a few times. 3. … When rubbed against the hair, the balloon picks up extra negative charges from your hair making it negatively charged. Opposite charges attract.

Why do strands of your hair stand after you take off your hat?

As you remove your hat, electrons are transferred from hat to hair, creating that interesting hairdo! Remember, objects with the same charge repel each other. Because they have the same charge, your hair will stand on end. Your hairs are simply trying to get as far away from each other as possible!

What happens when you rub the inflated balloon on your hair?

Rubbing the balloon onto your hair or onto the wool fabric adds electrons to the balloon and causes the balloon to become negatively charged. … Your positively charged hair is attracted to the negatively charged balloon and starts to rise up to meet it.

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Why are the puffed rice and salt attracted to the plastic wrap and comb what is happening?

But, when the charged comb comes near, the electrons of the salt grains move away from the negative charges on the comb, exposing the positive charges on the salt atoms. This separation of the charges on the salt grains causes the salt grains to repel each other and to be attracted to the comb.

What happens when the two balloons are brought close to each other?

In summary, we can say: If two negatively charged objects are brought close together, then they will repel each other. If two positively charged objects are brought close together, then they will repel each other.

What do you observe when you bring a balloon near blended puffed rice what happens when you release some air and try to attract rice?

Because the balloon is collecting extra electrons, it becomes negatively charged. When the balloon is held near a relatively neutral object, such as puffed rice cereal, the balloon will attract that object. … The similar charges will then repel each other, causing the kernels to “jump” away from the balloon.

Why is paper attracted to a balloon?

When you bring the balloon near a little piece of paper, the negative balloon repels the electrons in the paper so part of the paper near the balloon is positive. Since positive and negative attract, the paper moves toward the balloon. The negatively charged balloon attracts the paper.

Is a comb positively or negatively charged?

When a comb is run through dry hair, the comb gets negatively charged due to friction. when the negatively charged comb is brought near a small bit of paper,the electron on the paper are repelled and positive charge will be nearer to the comb.

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Why do combs get charged?

These atoms contain equal number of protons and electrons so they are uncharged. So the surface of any object made of atoms has electrons, which are negatively charged. When the comb is rubbed against the cloth the electrons move between the two, and the comb gets charged.

Why do you think comb attracts some of your hair strands and papers?

Basically, when an electrification takes place, electrons are not created but they are transferred….. in the case of comb attracting tiny tiny bits of papers when rubbed with dry hair is because electrons from the dry hair gets transferred to the comb and now the comb induces a dipole in the bitties of paper and the …

Why does hair rise?

A muscle called an erector pili muscle attaches below the gland to a fibrous layer around the outer sheath. When this muscle contracts, it causes the hair to stand up which also causes the sebaceous gland to secrete oil. The sebaceous gland is vital because it produces sebum, which conditions the hair and skin.

What happens when you rub a comb on a piece of wood?

We often comb longer with a wooden comb because it feels so good. The massaging action stimulates the follicles to produce more hair strands, increasing hair growth and producing thicker hair.