You asked: Can you rent an apartment in Japan as a foreigner?

In order to apply for rental housing, you will have to pass a background check. This background check is required regardless of whether or not you are a foreigner, Japanese, making an individual contract, or making a company contract.

Is it hard to rent apartment in Japan as a foreigner?

But do you know how to find and rent an apartment in Japan? The rental process is time consuming and requires a lot of paperwork, so it can be a bit tricky for foreigners – not to mention the fact that foreigners are required to have a Japanese co-signer called a “guarantor”.

Can I rent an apartment in Japan as a tourist?

Passport and Visa

To apply for an apartment or housing contract in Japan you need to provide two forms of official identification: 1. … If you’re on a tourist visa, you’ll only be able to rent short-term contracts that specifically don’t require a guarantor. For long-term rentals, a 90-day tourist visa won’t be accepted.

Why foreigners have difficulty renting in Japan?

The main difficulty faced by foreigners seeking a rental in Japan is the limited number of properties available. A majority of property owners are simply not willing to rent to foreigners or have requirements such as resident guarantor requirements.

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Is it hard to get an apartment in Japan?

The process of receiving an apartment in Japan can be very difficult and confusing if you do not have the proper guidance. … To apply for an apartment you will need a residence card and a Japanese phone number. Also in some cases you will have to see the property in person before applying for it.

Can a minor rent an apartment in Japan?

Not surprisingly, there are age restrictions in Japan relating to property rental. The minimum age to rent a property is 20, but this is one Japanese age restriction that is flexible: People under that age are required to get parental consent.

Does rent in Japan include utilities?

Utilities. Utility bill payments are typically not included in the rent unless you are staying in a gaijin house or monthly rental. Prices vary depending on where you live in Japan, but on average expats should expect to spend around 20,000 JPY (190 USD) per month on electricity, gas, and water.

How do you pay rent in Japan?

Automatic Direct Bank Transfer is the most convenient method of paying the monthly rent for UR-housing. You can apply for any UR-approved financial institution that are indicated below. You can apply at Banks or at the Japan Post Bank. ※ Direct Payments commence after a month from the application.

Can you rent an apartment in Japan for one month?

The nationwide average monthly rent, not including utilities, for a one room apartment (20-40 square meters) is between 50,000 and 70,000 yen. Rent for similarly sized apartments in central Tokyo and popular neighbourhoods nearby usually start from around 100,000 yen.

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Why is it so hard to rent an apartment in Japan?

Renting an apartment directly through the owner is very rare. As a rule, leasing is handled by a local agent, and the large majority of people in general, and real estate agents, in particular, do not speak English. Few agents will even deal with clients who can’t speak Japanese. This has to do with practicality.

How do I rent a flat in Japan?

Steps for Renting an Apartment in Japan

  1. Know the quirks of apartment hunting in Japan.
  2. Before setting up an appointment with a real estate agent.
  3. Set up an appointment with a real estate agent.
  4. Meet your agent.
  5. Have your paperwork and documents.

What is Gaijinpot housing service?

A stress-free rental housing service in English for foreigners looking for an apartment in Japan. Bilingual support, credit card payment, and no guarantor required. We make it easy to rent your home in Japan!