Meet our RV

The Story of Belle (aka BB Belle, Southern Belle, The Christmas Coach)

When the idea of buying an RV and traveling around the USA became an actual, serious consideration for Loops and I; the first thing I was obviously excited about, was choosing the vehicle that would be our home for the foreseeable future.

My excitement for acquiring our RV, however, was rather tempered by the fact that Loops and I had very different ideas of what constituted a suitable and affordable ‘coach’.

Most people who know me would consider me a low maintenance kind of gal, someone who enjoys a simple and cheap way of life. Therefore logically my choice of RV would tend to follow suit. I envisioned 20 or so feet of cosy space, a vehicle which saw its best days before I was born and that could be funded by the spare change I had in my pocket.

Loops, on the other hand, is a man who appreciates quality and comfort in his life. He is a man who could happily see himself in 45 feet of brand new, pristine motoring beauty, towing a car (and quite possibly a boat if he had one) and, if able, to spare no expense on his RV dream.

And so it’s fair to say there was a reasonable amount of compromising that went on while we discussed what would suit our upcoming adventures.

We looked at pictures and read adverts of RV’s for sale. We talked about slides and types of chassis’, which way the bed should face and where the bathroom should be located. We decided how old was too old for a bus, discussed how large water tanks really needed to be and whether having two sofas was better or worse than a sofa and a chair.
On and on and on it went.

Most importantly though, I had to get over my shock and horror at there being no real oven in any RV we found, and Loops had to come to terms that we wouldn’t ever be able to afford to own a Prevost coach.

And still, we found nothing we liked or agreed on.

But then out of the blue, Loops decided to visit an RV rally that was going on in Georgia, just to have a look and get some more information, and happened to stumble on an RV for sale. He sent me a picture and a short video of it. And immediately I loved it.

Meet Belle.


Belle is a 43ft; class A, 1997 Bluebird RV. We are her fifth owners.


She is decked out in what I consider fabulous colouring that reminds me thoroughly of Christmas and both Loops and I agreed when we laid eyes on her, that she was a beautiful RV that warranted serious consideration. And given that Loops and I were 4000 miles away from each other, that consideration fell mainly on him.
And so for Loops, there followed weeks of checks and inspections, test drives and sleepovers, until finally a deal was struck and she became ours.

We own a RV!

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