RV Links

Here’s a selection of RV sites we visit that you might be interested in. Go on, feel free to visit them and tell them we said hi.

HitchUpandGo – an excellent site with a directory of links to RVing sites, articles, travel information and other blogs.

Wanderlodge Owners Group  – for those specifically interested in Bluebird Wanderlodge – this forum is a must!

Allstays – A great application for finding places to stay in your RV – we use ours all the time.

Passport America – we use this membership group to get discounts on campground stays – it works well for us, some people use them, some don’t.

Boondockers Welcome – a site that connects RVers and people with space at their home for RVers to boondock! We have used this site a couple times now to book a boondocking spot and people’s houses and they have worked out well.

Elks Lodge – we are a member of this group, they do great work in local communities, but also come with the advantage that if you are a member and travelling in your RV, many lodges have places you can stay for a small fee or potentially for a donation.

RV Share – if you are interested in trying out the RV lifestyle, pop over to RV share where you can rent an RV from a private owner to try it out. What a fabulous idea!

CampAddict – a new one-stop shop for information about RVing. Contains articles on practical RV tips, product reviews and links to useful on the road resources.

Wessex Vans Camper Conversion Guide – a comprehensive guide for those considering converting a van into a campervan for their on the road lifestyle.

Low-E Campervan Insulation Guide – a good introductory guide to the theory and practice of insulating a campervan.

RV Quick Care Guide – this is a link that has been recommended by Sophie who is a student completing an extra credit project. She has asked this link be included in case it is of help to anyone and I am happy to help her gain credit for school!

NB. We are not endorsed by any of these companies, nor are we actively recommending them – we simply feel they or their content may be of interest to fellow travellers.