Repairs, woodland walks and the world’s best rolls

And in the blink of an eye, before you know it, two things have occurred – first, we’ve made it to Louisiana and second, on this day last year I arrived here in America to start this hobo RV road trip adventure around the USA.

Boy, time does sure fly.

Because I don’t want to start reminiscing about home right now, I may as well just crack on and update you on our goings on.

When last I left you, it was as I was happily waving goodbye to St Pete (and Florida in general) and looking ahead to entering Georgia and stopping in for some repairs to Belle. I do feel that I should pause for a moment and do justice to the Sunshine State and tell you that if you choose to visit, I would advise sticking with the picturesque northern part of the state. While the south seems to have been mostly overrun with large cities, strip malls and just far too many people and cars for my liking, the northern part is still plentiful enough with horse farms, massive old oak trees and verdant fields. It really is rather stunning.

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Nashville here we come…and now we’ve gone (Part One)

Doesn’t time just fly by these days?

The last time you and I met, Loops and I were making our way north through Florida in much haste for a rendezvous in Nashville, Tennessee. Well, I can tell you we made it. In fact, since the last time I wrote, three other states have welcomed us over their lines, even if for a brief while.

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