Freedom on the Road: Trying the RV Life

Thanks to Gaby Cuda from RVShare for her guest blog this week.

Have you been spending hours browsing Instagram, ogling all the gorgeous photos of nomads who live out of converted campervans? Or maybe frittering away your lunch break devouring tons of travel blogs, imagining yourself scaling mountains, discovering National Parks, or lounging on a beach during the sunset — anywhere but in your office cubicle?

Admit it: You’re yearning for the open road. (No judgments here — we certainly know the feeling!)

But when you hear your wanderlust calling, what keeps you from picking up the phone? Have you ever wondered if the RV life is for you?

If you have, listen up, because it’s important that you hear this.

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To Blog or Not to blog…?

NB. This is a post specifically about writing and the writing process, not our RV travels. If you’re not interested in that, please feel free to skip over.

I am currently faced with a dilemma. And guess what? You’re about to hear about it.

It is now the second week of February and Loops and I are, once again, back on the road. In fact we’ve been travelling full time again since the first of February. And yet, I have not produced any blog entries about it.

Why? Well, it’s because I am struggling with the title question – to blog, or not to blog?

Yes, sometimes my blogging office looks like this.

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