Mountains, ho!

One of the reasons I think I have been enjoying the UP so far, and finding it such a refreshing place to visit, is that in some ways it feels rather removed from what I consider to be mainstream America. The lifestyle in the areas we have passed through feels more laidback with a slower pace of life than I have experienced anywhere else; and there is little evidence of the mass consumerism and sprawling cities and suburbs that are littered about in the other states we have passed through.

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Small town with a BIG heart…and a long blog post

First things first, I must start this blog entry with an apology. To the state of Indiana.
Indiana, I am sorry, please forgive me.


As I am discovering with each mile we travel, assuming the whole of the USA is identical just because it is technically one landmass is ridiculous; this simple coincidence of geography certainly does not make all states alike. Continue reading “Small town with a BIG heart…and a long blog post”