Scrubbing is good for the soul

After our stint in Shipshewana we make it to Charlotte, North Carolina in two and a half days; and fairly uneventful days at that.

Our first day finds us driving to Winchester, Kentucky (picked by me for it’s a twin of my home city in England) – chugging through flat countryside which eventually gives way to more greenery and hills. We pass through a number of small towns which interestingly and sadly show the clear rich/poor divide that can happen – driving through leafy neighbourhoods with large houses, gardens and porches; to then cross some unspoken dividing line and then be faced with run down mobile homes, closed up business fronts, fly tipping in the front gardens and streets. In the evening we basically trip over Ohio state line (a new state!) to pass by Cincinnati on the I-74, the skyline lit up like a Christmas tree as we fly by at night, before jumping the border again into Kentucky.


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