Nashville here we come…and now we’ve gone (Part One)

Doesn’t time just fly by these days?

The last time you and I met, Loops and I were making our way north through Florida in much haste for a rendezvous in Nashville, Tennessee. Well, I can tell you we made it. In fact, since the last time I wrote, three other states have welcomed us over their lines, even if for a brief while.

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The time has come…

It seems that our transition from people who own an RV, but only play about with it and don’t live in it, to full timers on the road with no home but their RV, happened all very quickly.
One moment there I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the carpets clean, washing the bus and waxing the roof, and the next thing I know we are fully loaded and shipping out. Continue reading “The time has come…”