My workamping summer begins!

Well, we made it to Tennessee in one piece.

Currently the temperature is 91oF, the humidity is so high you need a snorkel to be outside, and the bugs are sometimes so plentiful they get stuck in your teeth; but lucky for me, I am perched safely away from the elements in an air-conditioned campground store that is to be my working home for this summer.

Right, so let’s catch you up….

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The ups and downs of ‘living the life’

With our social engagements in Tennessee finally concluded (UK friends, bus barn friends, family passing through), it’s time to resume our journey north, mostly for the simple reason that the south in June is too oppressively hot for this fair-weather Brit.

That’s right, for me stepping out of my door and having a wall of humid heat practically knock me off my feet is not my idea of fun. Standing outside for five minutes, becoming drenched in sweat and looking as if I’d just emerged from the shower is not pleasant. Nor is having to change my clothes three times a day (especially when my washing machine is so small it then takes me two days to wash them all). And so for these reasons we continue northwards with our eyes glued to the thermometer.

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Little barn on the lane

Deep in the heart of the Tennessee countryside there is a little country road. Unassuming to look at, not even worth a glimpse as you pass by; it winds gently but briefly through a small, short valley dotted with simple wooden houses and elderly outbuildings.

Near the end of this road, standing atop a small grassy incline, is a barn. Nothing to mark it so very different from the others around it, slightly newer perhaps, but a modest red barn nonetheless.

And it is here, in the virtual silence of the countryside, with trees and fields and birds for company, that we find ourselves still and restful for the week.

The little barn on the lane


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