How much is Ethiopian visa on arrival?

The cost for an e-VISA (applied at before travelling) and the cost for a tourist visa on arrival is the same: US$52 for a single-entry visa with validity up to 30 days, or US$72 for a single-entry visa with validity up to 90 days. It may be cheaper to apply in person at a consulate near you.

Can you get a visa on arrival in Ethiopia?

The visa on arrival is a type of travel authorization which can be obtained at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport after visitors arrive in Ethiopia. … Visas on arrival are valid for up to 3 months and allow one entry into the country. This means they cannot be used to leave and reenter Ethiopia.

How long does it take to get a visa for Ethiopia?

Visa applications are normally processed within 24 hours though on rare occasions the process can take up to three (3) days. Once approved the eVisa is sent to the applicant by email.

How do I get a visa for Ethiopia?

Apply online

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All international visitors to Ethiopia can apply for their tourist visas (e-Visa) online. The e-Visa is processed and issued online by the Main Department of Immigration and Nationality Affairs, where applicants can securely apply and pay for their entry visa. Visit for more information.

Is Ethiopia visa free for Ghanaians?

Yes, Ghanaian citizens need a visa in order to enter Ethiopia. They can apply for a single-entry tourist visa, available for a 30 or 90-day stay. … Travelers should be aware that a visa on arrival can require waiting in line at border entry points upon arrival.

How can I pay US visa fee in Ethiopia?

Go to to pay for your visa and schedule an appointment for a consular interview. You’ll need the bar code number from your DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form.

How much do I need to travel to Ethiopia?

Price Guide. There’s a lot of variables that influence the cost of a trip to Ethiopia. A typical two-week trip for 2 people will cost $3000-3500 per person, but this can be much lower or much higher depending on the kind of trip you are booking.

How much is yellow card in Ethiopia?

Those who have already submitted a fingerprint upon receipt of an electronic Ethiopian Origin ID Card earlier are not required to submit again. However if you have yellow (manual) card, submitting a fingerprint is mandatory. Payment of $200 in the form of money order payable to Ethiopian Embassy.

Is Ethiopia visa free for US citizens?

Yes, U.S. citizens must have a valid visa in order to enter Ethiopia. Except for citizens of Kenya and Djibouti, all other international visitors must first obtain a visa in order to enter Ethiopia, including United States citizens. Furthermore, applying for an Ethiopian visa as a U.S. citizen is not difficult.

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Which bank gives Visa card in Ethiopia?

About Bank of Abyssinia (BoA)

It is also among the leading banks that launched tech-based banking products in Ethiopian market starting with as principal Visa member acquiring in ATM and POS services.

Can I get credit card in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is largely a cash based society. Credit cards are accepted at only a very few outlets in Addis Ababa and it is not normally possible to get currency advances against a credit card.

How much is Ethiopia E visa fee?

The Ethiopia eVisa application fee is US $52 for a 30-day single entry eVisa and US $72 for a 90-day single entry eVisa. The visa price is the same for for all nationalities.

Can Nigeria get visa on arrival in Ethiopia?

Those wishing to travel to Ethiopia will need a tourist visa. An Ethiopia tourist visa for Nigerian citizens is typically for single entry. Additionally, they are valid for either a 30 or 90-day stay. … Visitors can choose between an eVisa or picking up their visa on arrival.