How much is visit visa in Oman?

How can I get visit visa for Oman?

Applicants can obtain their tourist visa for Oman in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Oman tourist visa application form. Complete it Now.
  2. Pay the visa fee using a credit or debit.
  3. Receive the Tourist eVisa by email.

How much is 3 months Oman visa?

US citizens are also eligible for a 2-year multi-entry visa for tourism or business for fifty Omani Rials (R.O. 50). This visa allows its holder to stay in Oman for three months on each visit. It is available upon arrival at any legal port of entry.

How much is a 10 day visa to Oman?

A single-entry visa originally valid for 10 days can be extended for a further 10 days at a cost of OMR5. A 30 day single-entry visa can be extended for one month at a cost of OMR20.

How much is Oman visa on arrival?

The prices will vary depending on the type of entry you want for the Oman eVisa. If you go for the multiple entries type, the prices will be as follows: $160, $210, or $240. For those who can apply for a GCC residence permit, the prices go down to $43, $93, or $123 respectively.

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Is Oman visa free for Indian?

Indian passport holders can now visit 59 destinations worldwide including Oman (latest addition) without obtaining a visa. India has added 35 more destinations since 2006.

When Oman will open visa?

Last updated: January 10, 2022

Oman is open for tourism. The government of Oman has lifted entry restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers. Most people with a vaccination certificate can now apply for a visa and visit the country for tourism. International visitors need to follow Oman’s COVID-19 entry requirements.

Is 3 months visit visa extendable?

The validity of tourist visa is 30 days while visit visa is 90 days. Tourist visa can’t be extended. … It is best to renew your visa before the due date to avoid paying penalty fees. However, tourist visa holders are only allowed to renew twice, for maximum 60 days stay.

How long can I stay in Oman on a tourist visa?

The Oman Visa is valid for upto 3 months and cannot be extended. One can stay in Oman depending upon the type of Visa applied ie either for 10 days or 30 days.

How long does Oman visa take?

The time required for processing a tourist visa to Oman usually takes 5 days. To apply for a business visa to Oman, an Indian citizen needs to pay a sum of Rs. 7100. The time required for processing a business visa to Oman usually takes 5-8 working days.

How much are the visa fees?

Immigrant Visa Application Processing Fees (non-refundable, per person)

Immediate relative and family preference applications (processed on the basis of an approved I-130, I-600 or I-800 petition) $325.00
Employment-based applications (processed on the basis of an approved I-140 or I-526 petition) $345.00
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Do I need visa to visit Oman?

Visitors to Oman must obtain a visa prior to travel unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. … Nationals of 71 other countries and territories can apply for visas online which are valid for a period of 30 days. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

What is the minimum salary for family visa in Oman?

If you face the same problem, better you get a translator to communicate with him. When the Oman government announced minimum salary of OMR 600 for family joining visa, many people left out of the country. Now the rules have been relaxed that expats getting a salary of OMR 300 can get join family visa.

Can I get an Oman visa at the airport?

As of February 2019, Oman visas on arrival are NOT available at the Muscat International Airport. This process was transformed into an electronic visa system, allowing visitors from 60 different nationalities to apply online.

Is Oman visa free for Pakistani?

Do Pakistanis Need a Visa for Oman? Yes, obtaining an Oman visa for Pakistani nationals is mandatory if you want to enter Oman with a passport issued by Pakistan. Getting an Oman visa from Pakistan is a simple process thanks to the online electronic visa (eVisa) platform.

Do I need a visa to visit Muscat?

All international visitors to Oman (other than Gulf Cooperation Council Nationals) require visas for the duration of their stay. Immigration and visa issue is under the control of the Royal Oman Police. … To obtain a visa, all passengers must have a passport valid for more than 6 months.

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