You asked: Can foreigners get jobs in Poland?

Can a foreigner get a job in Poland?

Yes! A foreigner can work in Poland without a work permit.

Is it easy to get job in Poland?

It is certainly much easier to find a job in Poland if you are currently working there. But do not despair if you are in Ukraine and think how to find a job in Poland by yourself. There are many websites and employment agencies that can help you find a job and travel to Poland.

What jobs are in demand in Poland?

TOP-10 In-Demand Jobs in Poland 2021

  • Qualified blue-collar employees. …
  • Employees in the field of trade. …
  • Drivers. …
  • Technicians, storekeepers. …
  • Engineers. …
  • IT specialists. …
  • Accountants, economists. …
  • Human resources staff.

Is Poland good for foreigners?

It offers a high level of salaries, low housing prices, low taxes compared to other EU countries and a lot of people are choosing Poland for permanent residence or as the first country to “move to Europe”. These are the reasons why. Here are 7 main reasons why Poland is outperforming other European countries.

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What is a good salary in Poland?

Median Salary in Poland. The per capita income in Poland ranges between an average minimum salary of 1,910 PLN and an average maximum of 33,800 PLN. The median base salary in Poland is 7110 PLN or USD 1833 per month or (according to the latest exchange rates). The median salary is a middle value in a range of salaries.

Who is eligible to work in Poland?

The foreigner has been legally residing on the territory of the Republic of Poland for 3 years preceding the submission of the application for a work permit and the stay has been uninterrupted; The foreigner is a citizen of one of the following countries: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia or Ukraine.

What is the most common job in Poland?

The most popular professions in Poland №1 – Engineers

  • Index 2141 – Industrial and Manufacturing Engineers. …
  • Index 214912 – Concrete Technology Engineer. …
  • Index 214916 – Glass Technology Engineer. …
  • Index 2151 – Electrical Engineers. …
  • Index 2212 – Medical Specialists (with specialization of II degree or title of specialist)

Can I work in Poland without work permit?

Because Poland is a member of the European Union (EU), citizens of other EU member states do not need a permit to work there. Most other individuals will need a visa to stay in the country as well as a permit to work.

How much is salary in Poland?

In 2021, the Council of Ministers adopted proposals for the minimum wage and minimum hourly rate in 2022, submitted by the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy. It was proposed that the minimum hourly wage for work in 2022 should amount to 19.60 zloty.

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How can I move to Poland?

Poland’s Visa Requirements

  1. a visa application form, duly completed.
  2. a passport, valid until at least three months after the planned departure from Poland.
  3. biometric, passport size picture(s)
  4. payment proof of visa fee.
  5. proof of travel insurance or international medical insurance.
  6. proof of sufficient financial means.

Is living in Poland expensive?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 538$ (2,179zł) without rent. Cost of living in Poland is, on average, 45.34% lower than in United States.

By City in Poland.

Rank City Cost of Living Index
1 Warsaw 43.32
2 Gdynia 42.82
3 Wroclaw 40.95
4 Krakow (Cracow) 40.77

Is Poland is good for job?

Poland joined the club of 25 the most developed economies in the world according to FTSE Russell and ranks 8th as the best country for female workers. The country has one of the highest rates of English as a second language in the world and there are a lot of job opportunities for multilinguals.

What should I avoid in Poland?

5 things you should never do in Poland

  • Jaywalking. In some countries (like the UK), crossing the street at any point or going through a red light when there is no traffic is perfectly acceptable. …
  • Drinking in public. …
  • Cash payments. …
  • No-smiling policy. …
  • Language practice.

Do they speak English in Poland?

Many Poles speak English well.

English is not a language that Polish people always learn to speak, but there are a significant number of Poles who speak English well. The world’s largest ranking of countries and regions with English skills (EF EPI 2020) place Poland in the 16th position out of 100 countries.

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How hard is it to immigrate to Poland?

If you have a Polish grand-parent or parent, it is easy — you just apply and you would get it. If you have a Polish spouse, you need to apply for temporary residency, then after a few years for permanent residency, then after 5+ years for citizenship. It’s easy if you are an EU citizen.